Return Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The Refund and Cancellation Policy comply with applicable laws and regulations and policies. Written policies covering cancellation and refund policies pertaining to cancellations, withdrawals, and terminations are clearly stated to prospective candidates before enrollment, consistently followed, and publicly available.

This Refund and Cancellation Policy (“Policy”) incorporates all terms, conditions, rules, policies and guidelines on the Site, including the other Terms of Service. Capitalized terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in the User

Agreement, elsewhere in the Terms of Service, or have the meanings given such terms on the Site.

This Policy is effective as of 1st of August 2016. Your continued use of the Site after that will signify your acceptance of it. We reserve the right to modify the provisions in this Policy without prior notice to you, so please check back often for updates.

1.      Cancellation Event/s

As per the Company’s Policy a candidate may cancel the service and ask for refund of his application fees in the events that: a) the candidate does not wish to proceed with the job offer and he has yet started with the employment, or b) the offeror has canceled the job offer prior to the candidate’s employment. 

2. Introduction to Refund and Cancellation Policy

To refund a Job application fee/s, you must first submit the Job Cancellation and/or the Refund Request via an email.

3. Job Cancellation Request

If you submit a Job Cancellation request, the following process will apply:

a) Once we approve your request, then the Job is cancelled.

b) If the other party submits a Dispute Notice Form in the Approval Period, then you are required to use the

4. Security Deposit Refund Request

The company offers consultancy services in the Human Resources placement/employment domain and acts as an intermediary between the registered employers and the candidates (future employees).

a) Each interested candidate subscribes himself/herself on the company’s website and creates his profile including his employment areas of interest which he/she wishes to apply for (job application). Upon successful subscription, each applicant receives an e-mail with the relevant job proposal offered by different employing companies which meets the applicant’s employment requirements. In order to apply for one or more jobs, the candidate must make a security deposit with the intermediary (in form of a bank transfer, cash or equivalent).

b) The sum of the deposit depends on the expected future salary of the candidate and it will be refunded once the job applicant attends the interview with the possible employer. There are no limitations as to number of job applications a candidate can apply for, therefore the same applicant might receive consecutive refunds (at different amounts) in a short period of time.

If a candidate submits a Refund Request as per above, we shall release the security deposit according to the instructions in the request.

5. Refund Due Dates

If a candidate has never been officially recruited by the job offeror and/or the job offeror cancels the contract prior to the start date, all refunds due must be made within forty-five (45) calendar days from the date of cancellation.